Did you know?
To Convert Feet  to
 Meters,  simply multiply

1 FOOT x  .3048 = METERS

To Convert Meters  to
 Feet,  simply multiply

1 METER  x 3.281 = FEET



[OUR TRUCKING EQUIPMENT] is carefully selected to meet your needs. Our shipping expertise allows you to concentrate on your company’s core competency, reducing administrative costs and providing the convenience of a single-source of contact in specialized carrier selection.

At Specialized Logistics & Brokerage, LLC, we take pride in being experienced in all areas of  LTL, Van, Truckload, Over-Dimensional and Heavy Haul shipments, using only the most reliable, state of the art equipment in the industry to handle your sensitive shipments.

We offer:

  • Multi-faceted truckload and partial-load capabilities
  • Both inbound and outbound coordination
  • Optimal carrier selection and assignment
  • Specialized air-ride equipment to meet unique hauling requirements
  • Vans, flats, step-decks, double drops,  low-boys and multi-axle equipment
  • Specialized stretch trailers and curtain vans and tow-away capability
  • 48 state load coverage
  • Dedicated team drivers
  • Courteous, professional, and experienced drivers

Our ongoing safety commitment is designed to eliminate problems before  they happen. This cautious and responsible aproach is reflected in the equipment, drivers and partnerships we build.

Standard Trailer Specifications


  • Used to transport materials where height is not an issue
  • Generally 48' long and most are 102" wide.
  • Between 60" and 62" high
  • Maximum height that can be loaded is 8'4"
  • Loaded by forklift from the side or overhead by crane
  • Large continuous deck space

DOUBLE DROP [RGN or detach]

  • Used to transport tall loads
  • Unhooks into 2 pieces to accommodate certain equipment
  • Additional deck (well) between front and rear upper decks
  • Generally 48' long with 29' 6" well

STEP-DECK [singledrop or dropdeck]

  • Similar to a flatbed but can haul a higher load
  • Most trailers are 48' long (also available in a 53')
  • Upper deck is usually 10' or 11' long
  • Lower deck is usually 37' or 38'
  • Typically 39 or 40" high at the rear (some are 42")
  • The stepdeck can transport 44,000 to 45000#.


  • Like a stepdeck but has 3 axles instead of two
  • Allows for heavier loads without an overweight permit
  • The length is usually 48'




  • Multi-axle low-boys with 65-150 ton capacities
  • 19 axle low-boy combinations with 150 ton capacity
  • Multi-axle level deck low-boys with 150 ton capacity with up to 72’ length


  • Multi-axle with 75 ton capacity

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